There is this question I get a lot from female friends— “Should I sleep with him?” And I keep wondering why such a question still disturbs ladies when most of them already know the answer to it.

I remember then, when the advert “Zip up” was rampant; both men and women were advised to wait until they are married before having any form of intercourse, inorder to prevent STD’s  and unwanted pregnancy. But now, this “zip up” ideology seems to have been forgotten, or has faded off; so here I am, reminding us…. Zip Up!

Besides, as a lady, there is no point asking or considering if you should sleep with a man that is not married to you; you already know that you shouldn’t. Also, aman who is pressuring you for sex isn’t responsible, has no respect for you, and you should definitely break up with such a person. Added to that, the best way to prevent the situation of men “who chop and run”is to give them nothing in the first place.

So, if a man really wants to sleep with you, it is as simple as him putting a ring on it, and getting married to you. I know that there have been a lot of sayings and advice on compromising when you are in a relationship; but compromising interms of your chastity shouldn’t be one of those things.

Being chaste might be old-fashioned, but it’s still valid and beautiful till now.

So, my dear, I will say it again: Zip up! And if he asks for sex again, tell him to Zip up too.

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