It’s that season of the year where there is so much buzz in the air, endless shopping, most companies are on sales to encourage clients to buy more thereby clearing off their wares, kids pestering their parents to buy them the latest collection of Ben 10, Princess Sophia, Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Smurfs etc. It’s a time when the cinemas are packed full, the parks not being left out, and the malls filled to capacity. Families hang out, friends visit one another, lots of sightseeing, so much frenzy in the air.

Also, it’s a season that has its attendant security concerns. There’s a lot of robbery that goes on at this time because people’s guards are down unconsciously. There are all sorts of schemes and fraudulent devices used by robbers to defraud unsuspecting people. Hence it is necessary for each of us to be on guard and be security conscious in times like this. Below are some tips to ensure we are safe from being caught in the web of robbers who pose in the guise of offering to help or asking for directions.

  • Don’t speak to strangers. Don’t be quick to converse with strangers.
  •  Don’t follow strangers; regardless of how good their suggestions seem.
  •  Don’t reveal your ATM pin to anyone. Always type in your pin yourself.
  •  Don’t stay out late in an unfamiliar place.
  •  Be careful who you ask for directions. Look for security agents in case you can’t find your way.
  •  Always be on guard.
  •  Ensure your parents or spouses or loved ones know your whereabouts per time.
  •  Don’t eat or drink whatever you have left unattended when you are in a public place.
  •  Always be time-conscious whenever you are out. Get back home in good time.
  •  Be careful with giving lifts to strangers.
  •  Do not give your belongings to strangers to keep no matter how friendly they appear.
  •  Ensure you always have airtime to call your loved ones or helpline in case of emergency.
  •  Be disciplined in your eating and drinking so you don’t end up in the hospital after the holidays.
  • Tell kids not to speak and not to accept things from strangers. Also, they should not disclose daddy or mummy’s numbers to strangers.
  •  Be wary of guys lurking around car parks.
  •  Please drive carefully and give room to pedestrians, senior citizens and pregnant women. Always honk before overtaking.
  •  Don’t join the bandwagon of frustrated road users. Always be considerate of other road users. Be courteous and polite not just behind the wheels but everywhere you are. Don’t use coarse words.
  •  Beware of driving over suspicious items on the road particularly in secluded places and at night.
  •  Be wary of sniffing perfumes on sale in public places.
  •  Don’t spend profligately this season, be wise and prudent. Remember you’ll still have bills to pay at the end of the season.
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To your safety this yuletide season and beyond, Merry Christmas and a flourishing 2015 ahead!

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