The world in its glory and splendour is created for every creature that walks upon its surface. It is a fulfilling habitat when we live in this consciousness.  There are many creatures who occupy this space; it is big and wide enough to accommodate anything and everything.

We are created in God’s image and likeness, so this makes us the most beautiful and the most intelligent of all creation. It does not end there: we have the will to act, live and associate as we want. We have been given certain human freedoms and nothing or no one can take that away from us.

The human will explains why a person would act or behave differently from another person. The implication is that, the good, the bad and the ugly will always be in the multitude. Habits are formed from our day to day activities; habits invariably make up for our character. This means we don’t suddenly become or act the way we do, as we grow naturally we manifest our true traits. And in forming our opinions which involve taking some action, we should consider that there are other creatures around us; other people who form part of our immediate or remote society.

Our social relationships, communities and the written and unspoken laws that govern us also form part of what makes humanity so unique. We are taught from birth that our actions, no matter how selfish, often have ripple effects which affect more than just the initiator of the action or the mastermind behind the decision.

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I would like to borrow some words from Alicia Keys’ latest single: “we are here, and we are here for all of us”. ‘Here’ and ‘for all of us’ refer to our planet and humanity respectively. So, if we are here for one another, in all our dealings and association we should depict that we care about humanity too. Funny how a lot of people claim to love God, family and then people, meanwhile they cannot make a single sacrifice for another except they have satisfied themselves ten times.

It is not enough to profess you love people; your actions are more convincing than a thousand words. In fact, you need not blow your trumpet; your passion for humanity is revealed in everything you do. After all, this world is not ours, we are just visitors, and we have co-occupiers all around us, so that should inform our decisions. We have to consciously put people in our agenda, and the starting point is your immediate environment.

For anyone who is mindful of others, these are some of the attributes you will find in such person(s): they are sensitive, accommodating, selfless and generous. These traits attract humanity from all walks of life, irrespective of their stand; every human being deserves some level of respect in this regard. So I find it contradictory when someone puts their own concern over everyone else’s yet claim to love people, this action naturally negates their claims.

I just realized the world would have been a better place if we cared enough for humanity. War, murder and terrorism would be an aberration in our society. So I would like you to answer a few questions, it should give you a hint on how conscious you are of others. Why do you do the things you do? Do you ever question your actions or motive? Are your goals people-oriented? Please be as sincere as possible, it would give you a better understanding of how important people are in our lives.

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