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Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Have you ever been around people who are at the peak of their game? How did you feel around them? Did their “vibes” match your own vibe? There is nothing more exciting than being around people who exhibit the energy of endless possibilities, people whose attitudes are extremely positive towards all things.

You have to come to the realisation that your attitude towards your career matters. Attitude is important because it deals with the mental state you take regarding your life and all that concerns you. This means that attitude is not what you want or what you think; it is the process of how you want to go about it.

This phrase “your attitude determines your altitude”, explains more on what you think about your prospect in life, which will determine your level of success. So, you need to be picky about who comes in your life.

I believe you are what you think. A positive thinking is not about smiling when we are with people; but it is a way you respond to life that allows you to accept whatever challenges that come on your road to success. Positive thinking enables you to be different in your own way and to be distinct in your spheres. It helps to encourage and influence others to see through your attitude.

You have to be optimistic and determined. Attitude has so much role to play in the cycle of success. It moves from your thoughts to your feelings down to your actions and to the results. So, it starts with your thinking and that is your choice to make. The choice must be to go for the right mind set.

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When your attitude is challenged by people, how do you react? It is expected to be angry but it does not give the right to stop you from moving forward. So, people with negative thinking or negative attitude should not make you lose your focus or make you give up on your dreams. When such temptation comes, all you need to do is to be strong and to have a declaration: “nothing will pull me down”.

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Some important things to note about attitude are:


The circle you move with must have the right set of mind. This does not mean you should discard your family or your friends, but they must not hinder your positive attitude.


You are responsible for the steps you take in achieving your dreams. You need to discard every negativity and begin to act positively. Also, don’t forget to smile always.


Whatever barrier you face, tell yourself “no one will outwork me”. It is normal for you to face some challenges, but they should not stop your progress.

You are really unique in your way. Your mind is like a parachute and it works best when open. So, you need to focus your mind on the “I can do it”. Also, always remember that your attitude determines your altitude.




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