Do you think you are going nowhere in life? STOP! Take a deep breath. THINK! Definitely everyone in the world works based on their time zone. Well, people around you might seem to be ahead of you which is total fine. You don’t have to envy or mock them. So, relax, you are not late and you are not early.

Life is about waiting for the right moment to react. Therefore, this is a reminder that, you should never allow the pressure of life get to you. You should never succumb to the rush that peers and family members throw at you.

So dear lovelies,

I hope you will never stop believing that the hard days are going to be over. The days of confusion, anxiety and overthinking will not be the centre of your universe. Yes, difficulties might come but I hope you will remember that you’re promised ease after difficulties.

Also, I hope you will never stop believing that one of those days you will get it right either in your career or that very aspect in your life that is bothering you. I believe you will understand that you are at your own pace. But, you’d need to summon the courage to fight for things that matter to you.

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Furthermore, I hope you never lose hope. I wish that you always find a way to restore your hope and renew your faith. Also, the hope for better things should never leave your mind.

Finally, you need to stand in your own way. You should not let your thoughts belittle you or your actions stop you from trying to change or improve your life.

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Life is a journey of yourself to yourself. So, I hope you have the wisdom to wait till your time instead of giving up. Please, find yourself to explore your potential and act upon it. remember, you are very much on time and in your time zone.

You are not late! You are not early.

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