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Yoga Fitness: Types of Yoga

Yoga for fitness poses will work for your entire body by burning the fat and toning your muscle. You should include these poses into your daily routine for overall improvements in strength and fitness.

One of the primary benefits of Yoga is the ease by which it can be incorporated into most people’s lifestyles. It also improves your strength and muscular endurance by stretching the muscles and joints. Yoga helps you to get into shape both physically and mentally. All you need for the exercise is a mat to support and cushion your body.

The Types of Yoga


This is the only approach that emphasises the spiritual and connectivity aspects of the art. The “vibration medicine” combines the meditation and repetition of mantras with concentration on sound vibration. Chanting is meant to increase your level of concentration and to help free your mind.

Fast paced

The approach will raise your heart rate to a point where your endurance level is strengthened. Also, it builds your muscle in all the major areas of the body.


The primary purpose is to increase flexibility. It will also make strength and aerobic training easier and safer.

Injury related

This is the most careful of all types of Yoga. It’s often used for people that are too overweight to perform other activities. Before you try to move on to something a little harder, you should consider this type if you are injured or overweight.


For women who practise Yoga during pregnancy, post-natal is an effective way to lose extra weight put on during pregnancy. It helps to readjust the body to its previous way of understanding itself.

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This pose aids the baby in its transition into the world. The style has been studied in recent years to focus on both the expected and the expecting.

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There are different methods we use to motivate ourselves when we are in our down moments. This type focuses on setting goals, meeting them and remaining consistent. Remember that being self-motivated is one of the important part of art.

Stress relief

One of the greatest benefits you can gain from Yoga is its ability to reduce and relieve stress. Studies of brain patterns have shown that people who participate in Yoga are generally happier, more productive, more focused and have more successful relationships.

It is understandable if you are not familiar with this particular type of fitness. But, you can start today to help increase you chance of joining the “fitfam” family.

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