Want a better workplace experience? Then stay ahead with these simple workplace etiquette.

Always Keep Your Phone on Silent

While in a work environment, you should learn to always keep your phone on silent, to avoid causing a distraction to your colleagues.  Meanwhile, if you have to receive a phone call, then you should move away from your desk if you are sharing an office with others, or even better, go out to the reception area.

Laughing hysterically on calls in a workplace

Before You Enter any Office That’s Not Yours, KNOCK!

It is not polite to barge into someone’s private space, and it is worse to do so in the workplace. Before you enter into any office, you should always knock, and wait for a response even if there is a sense of urgency.

Don’t Give Room for Chit Chats in a Workplace

No matter how eager you are to talk about that thing making you happy, you should not talk about it during work hours to avoid stirring distractions or encourage others loaf around. If you must talk about it, then wait till its lunch break; better still, wait till the close of work.

Maintain a Green Work Environment

It doesn’t matter if there are cleaners around or not, you should not litter the environment with dirt like plastic bags, sachets, foils, and so on, rather dispose of them in a trash can provided for your office. A clean work environment equals healthy workers.

Don’t Gossip

One way to kill your career quickly or drag your reputation in the mud is through gossip, especially in the workplace. No matter how tempted you are, you should not gossip at work.

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Own Up to Mistakes

It is okay to make mistakes. However, not owning up to your mistakes is wrong. When you make a mistake, you should always accept it and seek ways to make corrections rather than trying to pass on the blame or make excuses.

What other workplace etiquette do you know? Share them in the comment box below.

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