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Working Out Without Wearing Out

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“Looking good is good business” is a popular slogan we hear all the time and for most of us ladies, it’s not just good business, it’s everything. Remember once upon a time, you used to be a size 10 but all that gorgeous shape is now covered up with layers and layers of fat! Yeah, we can go ahead and blame it on pregnancy hormones and all of that, but the fact still remains that you are largely responsible for piling on that weight by just letting yourself go.

Keeping fit, getting back into shape and maintaining that gorgeous figure takes hard work and lots and lots of DISCIPLINE but tell you what; the dividends are well worth the while.

Let’s learn a few tips on how to work out without wearing out:

  1. Make sure you are in a good state of health. Health is defined as a state of complete wellbeing. If you must enjoy your workout routine, then your physical, mental and emotional well-being must be intact. If you have a health concern you think will be a problem like a heart condition, hypertension or you just had a baby? You can consult with your doctor who will recommend specific exercises to suit your need. NEVER EXERCISE if you do not have a clean bill of health.
  2. Choose the right exercise for you. So what body areas do you want to focus on during your workout? Is it your tummy, thighs or arms? Or probably you just had a baby and you are thinking of losing all that pregnancy weight? Then choosing exercise routines that focus on these areas will be more beneficial as against a general work out. Choosing the right exercise is key in order to achieve your goal and when you work out with this kind of focus, you are bound to be motivated without being worn out.
  3. Set realistic targets. All that weight did not come in one day so it won’t come off in a day. Aim to lose it gradually over time as against an overnight success. You can start by exercising thrice a week and graduate to every day, from 30mins to 1hour and so on. This helps you not to lose strength too quickly and not wear out.
  4. Variety is the spice of life! Try different routines at different times to keep you excited and revving to go.
  5. Join a local gym or dance class if you like group workouts or enjoy dancing. It will make your routines more fun as you socialize and network while achieving your goal.
  6. Keep the water close by! Be sure not to get dehydrated when you exercise. Take water in between or energy giving drinks!
  7. Know your Limits. Don’t push yourself too hard. Know when to take a break before you wear out.
  8. Make use of exercise videos or play songs while exercising.
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Okay, ladies; with these handy tips, get ready to get your groove on and re-discover the old you, as you work out without wearing out!

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