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It is the general rest day for labor. Hurray!!, May 1st is celebrated across the globe as a workers’ holiday, a special time of the year set aside to celebrate and honor workers around the world, to salute the hard work and dedication of  the strong willed souls whose contributions move the nation forward irrespective of  challenges, hardship and economic situations.

Come to think of it, how is the ideal way to celebrate workers day? Is it just a day off for you to rest and get that long sleep?  Workers are always excited when it comes to public holidays but this particular one goes beyond just resting.

It is often said that the labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain. We need to continue where they have stopped and in shedding light on the long history of our struggles, the workers day celebration is a time to reflect on the working conditions of the various levels of workers in the nation.



This is why during the celebrations, trade unions march and rallies are held to address issues such as low payment of salaries, unemployment and the likes.

The parastatals, organizations and companies comprise of workers and without them, there will be no sustainable growth and development. Hence all workers need to be treated well with good working conditions such as salary increment and other incentives so as to continually bring out the best in them. Can you imagine our current world without the various contributions and efforts of workers across the globe?

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Wishing us all a very blessed May Day

Happy Workers Day!!!


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