I had a conversation with some family friends the other day on the need to exercise and really pay attention to one’s body. I was of the opinion that for most people who struggle with their health, the root cause is that they do not pay attention to what they eat most of the time. I was countered; most of them believe it is a combination of everything that either enhances or affects your health.


It is not true that being fat or thin makes one healthy; the things that make the difference are the habits we imbibe over time. You could be a size 6 or 8 and still be unhealthy. On the other hand, you could be size 14 and be as fit as a deer; the secret, if secret is what we may call it, is to pay attention to our bodies. Having lived in our individual bodies for scores of years, we should know what is good or bad for our bodies. What is good for A might not necessarily work for B.


If you have not studied your body to the extent that you are able to tell what to expect when you take a particular meal or subject your body to a vigorous task that is not suitable for it, then this is the first task you need to resolve. Some of us can take fatty foods, fizzy drinks, junk, and sugar. There are others, however, who know that they should keep away from consuming such goodies.


Now, here is a truth for you; we procrastinate when it comes to our health. This must be addressed and sorted out with all level of sincerity and focus. If we are waiting for the best moment to make healthy living a lifestyle, it could take forever to get there.

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For those of us who have taken out time to study our bodies, we may have discovered that our bodies speak to us, we need to just pay a little attention to it, and we will be fine. As a woman and an adult, you should watch what you eat. Studies show that women tend to acquire fat more easily than men, therefore, you need to cut down on fatty foods and foods rich in cholesterol. Also, our metabolism slows down as we advance in age; this explains why we gain more weight as adults that when we were teenagers.


I will admit that focusing on one aspect of your health and discarding others would amount to zero results. Do you do workouts or exercises? How often do you work out and how faithful are you with your exercises? Another important culture we must imbue in our quest to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to cultivate the habit of resting, sleeping or napping when the body demands this from us.


Why are all these so important? All round wellness requires that we place priority not just on our eating habits, but also on our social, physical and mental activities. This is the only way we can enjoy wellness in every area of our lives.


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