Jul 27, Gertrude Stein (72), US-French author, poet (Ida, Tender Buttons), died in France. Her work included the murder mystery “Blood on the Dining-Room Floor” and “The Biography of Alice B. Toklas” (1933). She once said of Oakland, Ca.: “There is no there there.” Painter Francis Rose carved the headstone on her grave at the Pere Lachaise cemetery. A biography of Stein by Linda Wagner-Martin was published in 1996 titled “Favored Strangers.” In 2007 Janet Malcolm authored “Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice.”

Jul 27, Garrett A. Morgan (86), inventor and founder of the Cleveland Call, died.

Jul 27, American Gail Devers won the women’s 100-meter dash.

Jul 27, Jeanine Sanchez Harms was last seen alive in Campbell, Ca. In 2004 San Jose architect Maurice Xavier Nasmeh was arrested for her murder. In 2007 a judge dismissed murder charges against Nasmeh due to lack of evidence. On Jan 15, 2011, Wayne Sanchez (52), the brother of Harms, shot and killed Nasmeh at the El Paseo de Saratoga Shopping Center, and then killed himself. In August, 2011, evidence linked Nasmeh to the murder of Harms and the case was closed.

Jul 27, New Zealanders gave Prime Minister Helen Clark a historic second term after she called early elections to capitalize on a strong economy that pulled the country through the global slump largely untouched.



Jul 27, In Bermuda Premier Jennifer Smith stepped down after retaining her seat by just eight votes and watching her governing party narrowly win elections in the British territory.  Members of the center-left Progressive Labor Party endorsed Alex Scott (63) to replace her.

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Jul 27, Dutch judges gave the green light for a teenage girl’s bid to become the youngest person to sail around the world solo, thwarting a bid to have Laura Dekker (14) kept in child care.

Jul 27, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II declared the London Olympics open after playing a cameo role in a dizzying ceremony designed to highlight the grandeur and eccentricities of the nation that invented modern sport. More than 10,000 athletes from 204 countries will compete in 26 sports over 17 days of competition in the only city to have staged the modern Games three times.

Jul 27, The wife of Madagascar’s ousted leader Marc Ravalomanana was deported and put on a flight to Thailand, hours after she landed at the island nation’s capital.



Jul 27, Lindy Boggs (b.1916), former Louisiana congresswoman (1973-1991), died.



Jul 27, In Japan Aiwa Matsuo (15) was found with her head and left hand severed on a bed in a suspect’s apartment A schoolgirl (15) was arrested on suspicion of murdering her classmate and dismembering the body in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture.

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