Sep 1, Emma M. Nutt became the first female telephone operator in the United States, for the Telephone Despatch Co. of Boston.

Sep 1, As Britain continued to mourn the untimely death of Princess Diana, came word from a source in the Paris prosecutor’s office that Diana’s driver, Henri Paul, was legally intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Sep 1, In Panama Mireya Moscoso began serving as the 1st female president.



Sep 1, It was reported that 13% (64 of 490) of the female students at Timken Senior High School in, Canton, Ohio are pregnant. One girl, eight months pregnant, said she believes the school’s abstinence-based sex education program isn’t enough.

Sep 1, A Hong Kong jury convicted Nancy Kissel of murdering her wealthy investment banker husband in Nov, 2003, by drugging him with a milkshake laced with sedatives and beating him to death in their luxury apartment. She received a mandatory life sentence.

Sep 1, Nellie Connally (87), the former Texas first lady who was riding in President Kennedy’s limousine when he was assassinated, died in Austin, Texas.





Sep 1, Roz Savage arrived in Waikiki, Ha., after rowing 99 days from SF, Ca. The English-born woman hoped to become the first woman to row alone across the Pacific Ocean with the goal of raising awareness of the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean.

Sep 1, In India a 16-year-old went missing after trying to save her father from being attacked by village elders as punishment for failing to repay a loan. Her body was found the next morning. Police soon arrested three people after the girl’s father lodged a complaint that she was raped and murdered in West Bengal state.

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