Aug 23, One of the first colleges for women, Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in South Hadley, Mass., graduated its first students.

Aug 23, The 1st national women’s rights convention convened in Worcester, Mass.

Aug 23, An audience at the Hollywood Bowl heard President Truman’s daughter, Margaret, give her first public concert as a singer.

Aug 23, In Jordan the National Popular Campaign for Ending So-Called Honor Crimes began efforts to get rights for women and harsher laws against men who kill female relatives for family honor.

Aug 23, A British woman who can only move her head, eyes and mouth sailed across the English Channel and into the record books on board a modified boat she controlled by sucking or blowing into straws.

Aug 23, Annie Donnelly (38) of Long Island, NY, pleaded guilty to stealing $2.3 million (1.2 million pounds) from her employers. She spent the money on lottery tickets, buying as much as $6,000 worth of tickets a day in a bid to hit the jackpot.

Aug 23, In the Bahamas Stefania Fernandez (18), Miss Venezuela, was the fairest of them all once again, winning the 2009 Miss Universe crown for the second year straight and the sixth time since the pageant’s creation.

Aug 23, In Illinois authorities in Washington Park, a village next to East St. Louis, raided a house where a teenage girl (17) had been held captive and repeatedly sexually assaulted for over 2 years. Police took into custody a 24-year-old man and his mother. They also recovered the teen’s young child, which the girl said was the result of rape by her captor.

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