Aug 16, Flozelle Woodmore (18), shot and killed her abusive boyfriend, Clifton Morrow, with a .357 magnum in the presence of their 2-year-old son in Los Angeles. In 2007 Gov. Schwarzenegger, said he no longer oppose her parole.

Aug 16, In Rwanda Jozefina Zaninka (75), a woman who lost nearly all her family in the 1994 genocide, was murdered, in the latest of several killings of survivors of the slaughter. Some 167 survivors of the genocide have been murdered between 1995 and mid-May 2008.

Aug 16, In South Carolina Shaquan Duley (29) suffocated her two boys (18 months and 2 years old) and rolled her car into the North Edisto River in an attempt to cover their murder. She confessed to their murder the next day.

Aug 16, In Afghanistan a gunman riding a motorcycle killed Rabia Sadat, a woman who works for the Afghan government, in a drive-by shooting outside of her home in Kandahar. A bomb planted on a motorcycle exploded at a market in Uruzgan province killing 8 people.

Aug 16, Romania’s controversial Tourism Minister Elena Udrea sparked outrage with a frock she admitted cost as much as many Romanians make in more than a month. She defended the $1290 dress, insisting it cost less than the thousands of euros that media has reported.

Aug 16, Pakistani police in Islamabad arrested Rimsha, a young Christian girl with Down’s Syndrome, after she was reported holding in public burnt pages which had Islamic text and Koranic verses on them. Pakistani cleric Khalid Chisti (30), who handed over the girl (14) to police, later claimed he did so to protect her from mob violence. On Sep 2 Chisti was arrested for falsifying evidence. On Sep 7 a Pakistani judge granted Rimsha bail of $10,500. On Nov 20 she was acquitted.

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Aug 16, In California the search for Erin Corwin (19) ended when her body was spotted with a video camera 140 feet down a mine shaft on federal land near her home in Twentynine Palms, where her Marine husband was stationed. Former Marine Christopher Brandon Lee (24) was arrested the next day in Alaska. Corwin had disappeared on June 28.

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