May 8, An act of supremacy defined Queen Elizabeth I as the supreme governor of the church of England. Soon after Elizabeth I took power in 1558 some 200 Catholics were strangled and disemboweled.


May 8, The Thames Barrier was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Total construction cost was around £534 m (£1.3 billion at 2001 prices) with an additional £100 m for river defenses. It was the world’s largest movable flood barrier until Netherlands completed the Oosterscheldekering in 1986.


May 8, Julie Andrews declined her Tony Award nomination after her show, “Victor/Victoria,” was snubbed for best musical.


May 8, In Washington DC Jacqueline Thompson (32) gave birth to sextuplets. One was stillborn. No fertility drugs were used but both she and her husband Linden had a family history of multiple births.


May 8, Elizabeth Neuffer (46), an award-winning reporter for The Boston Globe, died in a car accident in Iraq.


May 8, In Zion, Ill., Laura Hobbs (8) and Krystal Tobias (9), out on a Mother’s Day bicycle ride, were stabbed multiple times and left to die near a bike path. Laura’s father Jerry Hobbs (34), just out of a Texas prison a few weeks, led police to the girls’ bodies in a ravine. He was charged with murder on the second day of questioning by police.


May 8, The Moroccan Association of Human Rights, formed in 1979) announced that it had chosen Khadija Ryadi (47) as its first woman president.


May 8, In Canada a provincial medical official said a woman from Alberta has died from the H1N1 flu virus, making her the first Canadian to die from the virus.

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