Mar 30, Patricia Bowman, a resident of Jupiter, Florida, told authorities she’d been raped hours earlier by William Kennedy Smith, the nephew of Senator Edward Kennedy, at the family’s Palm Beach estate. Smith was later acquitted at trial.


Mar 30, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth (b.1900), the Queen Mother, died at age 101 in her sleep at Royal Lodge, Windsor. In 2009 William Shawcross authored “Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother: The Official Biography.”


Mar 30, Under heavy protection, First Lady Laura Bush visited the capital of Afghanistan, where she talked with Afghan women freed from Taliban repression and urged greater rights.


Mar 30, In El Salvador Maria Julia Hernandez (b.1939), a renowned human rights activist, died of a heart attack. She had aided victims of El Salvador’s civil war.

Mar 30, In Ohio Jessica Rae Sacco (21) was found dead in her apartment in Urbana. She had been stabbed, suffocated and dismembered in a bathtub before some of her remains were taken across the state line to Kentucky. 5 people were soon arrested including her on-and-off boyfriend. Matthew Puccio (25) was among five people charged in connection with the death of Sacco. Puccio said he met her through Facebook while looking for new friends and that he met two of his alleged accomplices at a library just three days before the killing.


Mar 30, British actress Kate O’Mara (74), best known for her role in the 1980s soap opera “Dynasty,” died in a nursing home in southern England after a short illness.

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