Mar 15, Actress Elizabeth Taylor married actor Richard Burton in Montreal; it was her fifth marriage, his second.


Mar 15, Ted Bundy victim Julie Cunningham (26) disappeared from Vail, Colo.


 Mar 15, Actress Theresa Saldana (b.1954) was stalked and stabbed by Arthur Jackson. She had starred in Martin Scorsese’s 1980 film “Raging Bull.” Jackson was convicted of 2nd degree attempted murder and served 12 years. He was then extradited to England for wounding 2 tellers and killing a man who tried to stop a bank robbery in the Chelsea section of London in 1966. In 1994 Ronald Markman and Ron Labrecque authored “Obsessed: The Stalking of Theresa Soldana.”


Mar 15, Peggy Say, the sister of Terry Anderson, the Associated Press correspondent held hostage in Lebanon, said President Reagan was being “unjustly castigated” for his arms-for-hostages deal.


Mar 15, A Houston jury spared Andrea Yates’ life after prosecutors stopped short of demanding the death penalty for the tormented mother who’d drowned her five children in the bathtub. Yates was sentenced to life in prison; however, she was later acquitted by reason of insanity in a retrial.


Mar 15, Martha Stewart resigned from the board of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia 10 days after being convicted in a stock scandal.


Mar 15, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was greeted with protests, as well as pomp, when she arrived in the southern Australian city Melbourne to open the Commonwealth Games.



Mar 15, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany will take seven of its 17 reactors offline for three months while the country reconsiders plans to extend the life of its nuclear power plants.

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Mar 15, In New Hampshire a federal judge declared a mistrial in the case of Beatrice Munyenyezi, a Rwanda woman who became a citizen in 2003. She was accused of lying to obtain her citizenship by denying her role in the 1994 Rwanda genocide.


Mar 15, In India a Swiss woman (39) on a cycling trip in Madhya Pradesh state with her husband was gang-raped by eight men. On March 17 police arrested 5 men, who admitted to the attack. At least 2 others remained at large.

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