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Aug 2, In Oaxaca, Mexico, about 500 women banging spoons against pots and pans seized a state-run television station and broadcast a homemade video that showed police kicking protesters out of Oaxaca’s main square last month.


Aug 2, In Thailand a lawyer said the wife of Thailand’s deposed premier Thaksin Shinawatra will seek 1.4 billion dollars in compensation from military-backed authorities that have frozen her assets.


Aug 2, In Australia publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk (25) sued Australia’s poshest department store and its former head, Mark McInnes, for 33 million US dollars over alleged sexual misconduct that led to the disgraced chief executive’s resignation. McInnes abruptly quit in June after claims of inappropriate behavior were made.


Aug 2, Malaysia set itself a historic precedent as 2 female sharia judges began working for the first time.


Aug 2Robyn Gardner (35), of Frederick, Maryland, vanished after snorkeling with her companion off the western tip of Aruba. On Aug 6 police detained her traveling companion Gary V. Giordano (50), as he sought to fly back to the US. Giordano had an accidental-death insurance policy on Gardner for $1.5 million and sought to claim the money two days after reporting her missing.


Aug 2, Brazil’s Pres. Dilma Rousseff announced her long-awaited industrial policy. It included the abolishment of a 20% payroll tax for the labor intensive industries of clothing, footwear, furniture and software effective October 1.


Aug 2, Sami Inkinen (38) and Meredith Loring (34) arrived in Hawaii after a record-breaking 45-day row from California.

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