Apr 7, Frances Newton (22) allegedly killed her husband and 2 children in Houston to gain insurance benefits. According to a reprieve petition, Adrian Newton was a drug user and drug seller and there was evidence that some sort of trouble in this regard was brewing before the murder. In 2005 she was executed in Huntsville, Texas, the 1st black woman to be executed by the state since the Civil War.

Apr 7, Monica Lewinsky informed pres. Clinton that she was to be transferred from the White House. He promised to bring her back following the elections and they had another sexual encounter.

Apr 7, Dena Schlosser, charged with murder for cutting off her baby daughter Margaret’s arms in what her lawyers portrayed as a religious frenzy, was found not guilty by reason of insanity by a judge in McKinney, Texas.

Apr 7, Kosovo’s parliament elected AtifeteJahjaga (35) as its first woman president.

Apr 7, In Malawi Joyce Banda was sworn as the new president, the nation’s first female leader. She called for reconciliation after the divisive BinguwaMutharika died in office.

Apr 7, In Halifax, Canada, Rehtaeh Parsons (17) died after being removed from life support following a suicide attempt by hanging on April 4. She had killed herself after a photo of her allegedly being sexually assaulted in Nov, 2011, circulated online. In August one man (18) was charged with two counts of distributing child pornography and the second man (18) was charged with making child pornography and distributing it.

Apr 7,Peaches Geldof (25), the daughter of Irish musician and Band Aid founder Bob Geldof and TV presenter Paula Yates, was pronounced dead by paramedics at her home in Wrotham, southeast of London. On July 23 a coroner ruled that she was a heroin addict and died of a drug overdose.

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