Apr 25, Two Catholic Hutu Sisters in Rwanda ordered frightened Tutsis out of their Benedictine compound into the hands of Hutu soldiers. In 1997 Sisters Gertrude (Consolata Mukangango) and Sister Maria Kisito (Juliene Makubutera), having escaped to Belgium, were accused by witnesses of aiding Hutu soldiers who slaughtered some 600 Tutsis. In 2001 Sister Gertrude and Maria Kisito were convicted. Gertrude was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Kisito was sentenced to 12 years. Two others were also convicted and sentenced. Alphonse Higaniro was sentenced to 20 years and Vincent Ntezimana was jailed for 12 years.


Apr 25, Princess Nonhlanhla Zulu disappeared during a gang attack on a royal residence in KwaMashu black township near Durban, South Africa.


Apr 25, Whitewater prosecutors questioned first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton on videotape about her work as a private lawyer for the failed savings and loan at the center of the investigation.


Apr 25, In Washington DC tens of thousands of women gathered for an abortion-rights rally as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told several hundred of them the issue is about women gaining full equality.

Apr 25, A pregnant suicide bomber blew herself up in front of a car carrying Sri Lanka’s highest-ranking general, killing 8 people and badly injuring the top officer.

Apr 25, Barbara Blida (57), a former Polish government minister, committed suicide in her bathroom as police searched her house in connection with corruption allegations. Blida, a lawmaker for the post-communist Democratic Left Alliance from 1989-2005 and construction minister from 1993-1996, was suspected of taking and receiving material gains. The raid was part of an investigation into corruption allegations against 14 people.

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Apr 25, In Afghanistan 13 girls became sick in northern Kunduz province. Another 47 had complained of dizziness and nausea the day before, and 23 fell ill on April 21. A strange odor in their classrooms, prompted an investigation into whether they were targeted by militants who oppose education for girls or victims of mass hysteria. Hundreds of people blocked a main road in Logar province, and burned several trucks to protest what they said were civilian deaths in NATO operations. In southern Zabul province a suicide bomber attacked private security guards while they were at a bazaar, killing four Afghans and wounding 12. One Afghan police officer was killed and another was wounded during an attack on a militant compound in the Wordoch district of Badakshkhan province northeast of Kabul. 2 militants were killed in the operation. Government forces on a mission to eradicate poppies in eastern Nangrahar province came under fire. During the gunbattle three Afghans were killed. Six Taliban militants were killed in the fighting.


Apr 25, Dominican Rep. first lady Margarita Cedeno (45) said she will not run for the presidency just weeks after the ruling party cleared the way for her candidacy.

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