Apr 20, Eva Swan (26), a SF schoolteacher, disappeared. Doctor’s assistant Ben Gordon (18) kept the secret until after a fight with Dr. James Grant over $18 in wages. He then went to the police. Her body was found on Sep 23 buried under a basement at 320 Eureka St. and soaking in nitric acid with every joint sawed through. Grant and nurse Marie Messerschmidt were arrested on murder charges after the failed abortion went awry.

Apr 20, Charles (d.1974) and Anne Lindbergh (d.2001 at 94) set a transcontinental speed record flying from Los Angeles to New York in 14 hours and 45 minutes. Anne was 7 months pregnant.


Apr 20, British ballerina Margot Fonteyn (1919-1991)) was arrested and briefly detained in a Panama prison. She and her diplomat husband, Roberto Arias, had sought Fidel Castro’s help in a revolution that failed because of a last-minute blunder. Fonteyn, born Peggy Hookham, went on to reach even greater creative heights through her acclaimed partnership with Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev. She returned to Panama with her husband years later and died there.

Apr 20, Julie Connell (18), a senior at Arroyo High School, disappeared in Hayward. Her body was found 5 days later in Palomares Canyon near Castro Valley. In 2000 DNA evidence revealed that Robert Rhoades (47), a Yuba City man on death row, had kidnapped, raped and stabbed her to death.


Apr 20, The CIA fired Mary McCarthy, a top intelligence analyst, who admitted leaking classified information about a network of secret CIA prisons. She had provided information that contributed to a Washington Post story last year disclosing secret US prisons in Eastern Europe.
an, from the sea near the Bahamas after their boat apparently capsized.

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Apr 20, In Maryland a Loyola college student, her visiting parents and younger sister were found dead in a hotel room near Baltimore in an apparent murder suicide.

Apr 20, Ecuador’s finance minister Maria Elsa Viteri said the government will buy back about $3.2 billion in Global 2012 and 2030 bonds, worth about 32% of Ecuador’s total foreign debt at a 70% discount, ending months of speculation about a default. A government audit last year determined that conditions surrounding the debt sale had left the bonds “illegal and illegitimate,” prompting President Rafael Correa to order the refinancing.


Apr 20, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed a pair of bills intended to further restrict abortion in her state.


Apr 20, In England Tina Nash (31), a mother-of-two, was assaulted by her boyfriend at her home in Hayle. Shane Jenkin (32) gauged out her eyes and broke her jaw and nose. He kept Nash imprisoned for the next 12 hours, stopping her from seeking help. On April 13, 2012, Jenkin pleaded guilty.

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