Feb 21, Lucy B. Hobbs became the first woman to graduate from a dental school, the Ohio College of Dental Surgery in Cincinnati.

Feb 21, In Florida Karol Hurst (21) was abducted while leaving a grocery store in Leesburg. She was driven to a wooded area, beaten, raped, and shot. Her pregnant body was then dragged further into the woods. That same evening Freddie Lee Hall and an accomplice shot and killed Deputy Lonnie Coburn. Both fled the scene but were soon arrested. Hall was convicted and sentenced to death on June 27. Hall’s IQ was later said to be around 75.

Feb 21, Dame Margot Fonteyn (b.1919), ballerina (1st lady of British Ballet), died in Panama City, Fl. In 2004 Meredith Daneman authored “Margot Fonteyn: A Life.”

Feb 21, Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu announced that she will run for the presidency of Guatemala in the country’s September elections, a move likely fuel talk about an Indian resurgence in Latin American politics.

Feb 21, A South Korean housewife broke a world record in marathon singing after crooning for more than 76 hours without stopping at a Seoul karaoke bar.

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