Feb 27, Female suffrage was granted in Egypt.


Feb 27Jane M. Byrne confounded Chicago’s Democratic political machine as she upset Mayor Michael A. Bilandic to win their party’s mayoral primary. Byrne went on to win the election.


Feb 27, In San Francisco Karen Wong (39) was found raped and killed in her flat in the 400 block of 47th Ave. In 2008 DNA evidence identified Otis Hughes (56), a paroled burglar, as the murderer. In 2013 Hughes faced a jury trial.


Feb 27, Actress Lillian Gish died in New York at age 99.


Feb 27, A federal judge in NY threw out 1 of 5 counts against Martha Stewart (62). She said prosecutors failed to prove that Stewart intended to commit securities fraud in her Dec 21, 2001, sale of ImClone Systems shares. 4 lesser charges remained.


Feb 27Effa Manley (d.1981 at age 81), co-owner of the Negro League Newark Eagles (1935-1948), became the 1st woman elected to the baseball hall of fame. She was elected along with 17 other Negro League players and officials.


 Feb 27, Britain’s Women and Work Commission published a report on the gender pay gap, currently measured at 17% less per hour than men.


Feb 27, Australia’s PM Julia Gillard defeated Kevin Rudd, her former foreign minister, 71 votes to 31 in a ballot of Labor Party lawmakers, ending Rudd’s attempt to recapture the job Gillard took from him in an internal party coup in 2010.

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