Here are a few fashion tips to help make you look fabulous

Know your strengths

You need to know your body strengths, capitalize on the strengths and downplay the weaknesses. For example if you have a “figure 8” shape, you should wear styles that enhance your shape. Choices for figure 8 or hour glass shapes include V neck or scooped outfits, vertical striped outfits, or dresses and one-piece outfits that fit at the waist. Tall women avoid vertically stripes which make them look taller. To make outfits look fuller, use colours and patterns on skirts and pants.

Go for quality

Go for quality rather than quantity. It is better to have a few quality items rather than many items that are not so of good quality. Quality does not necessarily mean expensive; buying good brands that accentuates your strengths will ensure you get good value for your money.

Keep things simple

For both wardrobe and make-up, keep things simple; this helps you to be flexible.

If you are not sure of the right combination, use less accessories and stick to classic fashion styles. In applying make-up, make sure to use just barely enough to emphasize your best features e.g. beautiful eyes, full lips etc.

Have basics

There are basics items that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. These include; a black dress, a black blazer, a pair of blue jeans; a pair of pumps; a pair of flat ballet shoes; a black handbag (you can add brown to it). With these few items, you can always create a fashionable blend of style for any occasion.

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Wear tailor-made

You should have a few outfits that are tailor-made. This ensures that your clothes are made to your taste and fitness to fit you. Wearing custom made outfits not only makes you glamorous it helps you avoid hassles associated with finding your size in the market.

Study Fashion Trends

Go with trendy things and styles. However, you do not have to align with fashion trends if they don’t suit your body type or look good on you. The underlying principle is to wear and have things that emphasize your strong points.

You can keep yourself abreast by flipping through reading fashion magazines; getting tips online from fashion sites.


Accessories Make the Outfit

Accompanying accessories make all the difference in an outfit. An accessory or piece of jewellery can help amplify the elegance of an outfit. It is important that you also do not overemphasize accessories so that the combination does not look bizzare. The same principle applies to make-up; don’t overdo it. Too much of make-up draws attention away from the complete ensemble.

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