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Why You Should Be Yourself in a Relationship

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You are in love with your partner. That is perfect, we all know how good it feels to be loved or to have someone who calls you “the love of my life”. However, the problem is when you are not proud of yourself, then you try to pretend in the relationship.

A relationship where friendship and love exist is when you are free to do what seems absurd to the face of your partner without thinking otherwise. Relationship was not built to define anyone rather the partners define how they want to build their relationship. So, failure to acknowledge this, leads to problem.

Oprah Winfrey says that “don’t settle for a relationship that won’t let you be yourself”.

The necessary precautions to take to be yourself in a relationship are:

First, do not be afraid to make mistakes

This is a reminder that no one is perfect. When you are concerned about pleasing your partner, it affects the intimacy in the relationship. So, this will not make a healthy relationship. However, whenever you make a mistake, you should acknowledge that you are wrong and never to make such mistake again. There is no perfect relationship but you can work towards perfection.

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Second, be free to go out with friend

Before you met your partner, you had friends. The ones you talk to and go out with. You should not ignore them because you are in a relationship. Your life does not revolve around your partner alone, so you should hang out with people. Do not feel insecure.

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Third, do what you love doing

It is good to share your hobbies with your partner, but you must do what you loved doing before you said yes to the relationship. Doing what you love doing alone does not mean you do not love your partner but it is what that makes you happy. You are both different and unique.

Be honest to yourself and your partner

The best way of life is not lived in deceit. When you are honest to your partner, it makes you happy. When you make a decision, you should be able to convey it without lies. When you mean no, be proud to say no. Loving your partner does not mean you should grant his request always.

The purpose is to grow

While in a relationship, you should be proud of not just your growth but your partner’s growth as well. This is an evidence that the relationship is mutual. When you are yourself in the relationship, it brings progress. However, this does not mean you are a nagging partner when you are particular about your partner’s growth. It means you love to see him grow.

If you are beginning to lose your identity in your relationship, this is a reminder that you are beautiful, you are awesome and you deserve the best.



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