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Why You Need a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can never go wrong, not with the many health benefits that come with it; disease prevention, overall improvement of well-being, etc. The benefits are numerous, but here are few reasons why you need a good night’s sleep:

Sleep keeps you energized

Getting adequate sleep leaves the body revitalized and refreshed the next day. When this happens, individuals can actively engage with their various daily activities without suffering lethargy.

It helps reduces Inflammation

Stress hormones resulting from lack of a good night’s sleep causes the level of body inflammation to rise.  This inflammation makes the body prone to heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. However, getting a good night’s sleep can go a long way to help reduce the risk of inflammation.

Sleep prevents stroke and heart attacks

Getting a good night’s sleep, according to various studies, has been indicated to be one of the natural ways to prevent stroke and heart attack. Since strokes occur mostly early In the morning, it is thereby advised to get a substantial amount of sleep to help the blood vessels flow well, as well as lay off cholesterol and blood pressure which makes the body prone to stroke and heart attack. 

Getting a good night’s sleep helps you lose weight

Contrary to the popular notion that sleeping causes a rise in body fats leading to weight gain, researchers posit that sleeping for only a few hours in a day increases the chances of obesity and overweight. Hence, if you intend to shed some extra fat off your body, then you should consider getting a good night’s sleep. This is because enough sleep helps reduce one’s appetite unlike sleeping for only a few hours.

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Sleep helps lower the chances of breast and colon cancer

Studies have shown that women who work all through the night tend to be prone to breast and colon cancer than those who do not. This is because the melatonin level which is responsible for restraining tumor growth is greatly affected by exposure to lights.

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