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Why Networking is Important For Your Career


Networking is not only about trading information. It also serves as an avenue for us to create a long term relationship with everyone at our work place. With this season of pandemic, most meetings are held virtually. We communicate with co-workers, family and friend via social media platforms among other applications we use.

There is a popular saying that “no man is an island”. As such, there is a reason we all have to make a conscious effort towards achieving professional success. Networking is necessary in whatever we do because, it is technically meeting with people and establishing a mutually beneficial relationships with them.

An example of a social media platform which enables networking for an advancement in your career is LinkedIn. It is a platform for you to keep your profile, to make an awareness on what you need and to help connect others with their needs as well.

This way, careers are lifted, businesses are moved forward and, friendships are found. For some, it is a skill they have to learn (introverts) while others, it comes naturally (extroverts).

The importance of networking

Avenue to exchange ideas

Networking nurture ideas which help us to grow. When we listen to people, it increases our bank of knowledge. We grow based on the ideas and information gathered from different sources. This helps us to be different in every aspect of life.

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Avenue for new opportunities

When people see how intelligible we are, when they notice us, it opens door for newer opportunities like meeting reputable people superior in our career path among others. Therefore, this could be a stepping stone that could change our life for better.

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Improves your creative intellect

The network we have created over the time helps to build our intellectual ability not just in our career but in our daily activities.  It helps to sees an inbuilt talent of each individual.

Growth in self confidence

Networking is a great tool in our career. It helps to boost and promote our self-esteem. It gives an opportunity to excel well in interview sessions for job opportunities.

Develop long lasting relationship

When the networking is mutual, then having the right channel can help build your career. It might not be easy at the early stage, but it becomes better as time goes on.

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