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Why Depression is Hard to Talk About

Why Depression is Hard to Talk About

When people talk about mental health, they refer to how people feel and how they handle things happening in their life. It is okay to be sad, angry and worried from time to time, but when you can’t open up to someone about it and it starts to affect you, then there is a problem.

Depression can affect anyone. It is more than feeling sad or tired of everything for days. It affects people in different ways and is identified by a wide variety of symptoms. There are many reasons people might find it difficult to open up about depression and some of the reasons are:

Worries that people won’t understand them

It can be frustrating for people living with depression to speak when it matters because they aren’t sure their feelings will be well communicated or not. No matter how hard depression is fought, it overpowers the individual, especially if they think that no one understands them. When this happens, it may lead to thoughts of suicide which can be exhausting.

They really don’t know why they are depressed

Actually, this is hard to believe. To someone who hasn’t ever experienced depression, it can be easy to assume that it is caused by an event in someone’s life. No doubt, it can be caused by life events such as losing a dear one, a job and many more but many depressed people do not necessarily suffer depression because of such events. However, to help such individuals, one must take time to understand the causes of their depression and help them to overcome it.

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They feel it’s a burden that shouldn’t be shared

Depression is like a burden and it can cause its victims to feel like they are disturbing others with their problems. Therefore, the individual isolates him/herself and finds it difficult to talk to others about it. However, this is a period everyone must be compassionate by letting them know that they can feel safe around them.

For someone who is depressed, it is completely normal to have these concerns. The best way to  overcome mental health problems is to learn to speak to a reliable person.

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