Show me a virtuous woman-

She is vestal, chaste and pure.

She is girded with strength and

Clothed with honour and dignity.

She is capable, intelligent and exemplary,

She is guiltless, unimpeachable and just,

Her taste is exquisite, her recipe; irresistible.


Take me to her doorsteps-

Let me drown in her fragrance and frankincense,

Let my nostrils have a feel of her sweet spices.

I hear her garments are pure and spotless,

I want a taste of her warmth and charisma.


I have searched the ends of the earth and back-

She is rarer than the beryl, onyx, topaz and the red diamonds,

She stands out like the cedar, acacia and the myrtle.

Like the fir and cypress, she brings forth fruits in due season

She blossoms like the campion, orchid and the parrot’s beak.

Like the wine of Lebanon,

You can never get enough of her,

She is the dream of any man,

She is a pleasant surprise;

An answered prayer.

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