Who is with me on this?

I want a guy: Tall, dark or light, and handsome. I don’t mind if he belongs to the beard gang—having full beards I can play with. I want him to be of the same religion as me, I want him to be rich—have enough money to take care of me and him. He should have a car ooo and be rich enough to buy me one too. I want him to make sense—have a good character, be nice and passionate. I also want him to be romantic and we should have the same sense of humor. And yes! We should understand each other and see the world the same way.

Who is with me on this?

What I want in the first paragraph isn’t always achievable. What happens most times is that the dude is handsome, funny and passionate but broke and not God fearing. Sometimes, he might be God fearing, sees the world in the same way as you do but he is still kinda broke!

Some might be rich and handsome with little character issues yet has a different religion from yours.

And when he seems to have all the criteria: rich, same religion, funny and romantic, handsome….bla, bla, bla… He is just out of your reach maybe one celebrity somewhere in India or Greece.

Who is with me on this?

All the instances I mentioned in the second paragraph can be so frustrating! Why can’t I just have the complete package? But then, should I just go for the guy with the money— the rich guy with different religion and poor character? Since he has the money I can put up with him and his mistakes. So far he spends on me I can deal.

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Or if I haven’t find the rich guy I am looking for I will just stay single until I find one.

My Kind of truth:  It shouldn’t be all about the money. You need to look for your kind of man especially when you are looking to marry him. Is he the kind of man you would want your son to be? Is he the kind of man you will be proud to hear your son say:  my father is my role model or when you hear your son say that; you whisper God forbid because you don’t want your son to be like his father.

Is he the kind of man you can let lead you as the leader of the house, is he the kind of man that makes God fearing decisions? Does he even fear God? Consider this! (read below)

When you are with a rich guy or finally get a rich guy that has the money but no character, he marries you and he begins to beat you, sleep out late and seldom comes home, cheats on you and have many concubines, will the wealth be worth it?

On the other side, when you marry a man with character: A man that loves you and pampers you, spend his days trying to make you happy, make God fearing decisions in the home and in your lives, work hard to make you and your children live a comfortable life although not a luxurious one. And when your son says: Daddy is my role model you smile and feel at peace. Will the man of character then be worth it?

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Hnmmm… now back to my question. Which is it: money or character?

It’s your girl Nifemi, I’ll catch-up with you in my next post. Until then…. be a sharp girl!


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