A few days ago, when my daughter, Amanda, woke up, she mentioned she had a headache and a sore throat. When I felt her forehead, it was a bit warm. I could also tell by her glassy eyes that she just wasn’t her usual 100%.

I knew I had a ton of stuff I had to get done, and appointments, but I kept her home from school. I’m glad I did. She’s not home from school often and, it turns out, her body needed a good rest. I also didn’t want her classmates to catch whatever bug she had.

As far as my schedule, I did end up getting some of my planned TO DOs done while she slept part of the time. I moved those TO DOs I did not get to, to another day on my calendar. I also rescheduled the three appointments I had…two business and one dental.

When I called the school to let them know she would not be in, I requested her schoolwork and homework be sent to the school office for pick up. Amanda did manage to get it all done, while relaxing on the sofa. Good for her…no catch- up work!

Every once in awhile, you will not be able to do everything you planned, due to a family member not feeling well. Perhaps you’ll have to call in to your job and not go to work that day. Maybe you’ll need to call for a relative or friend to help out. Perhaps you’ll need to cancel, or reschedule, or delegate some TO DOs.

It’s OK. Don’t fret over what you could not get done. Take a deep breath and be happy that you were able to help out a family member who was under the weather. Remaining calm, collected, and solution-oriented will result in you finding a way to catch up on whatever it is that fell behind.

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Maria Gracia


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