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When the World Turns Against You

when the world turns against you

Hello, have you ever been so weary that it feels the world has turned against you? How do you keep calm when things are going against you? When the world seems sour and things are not working out as previewed by you, what do you do?

You must note that, life is not about getting rid of pain; it is like yin and yang. It is about looking at it objectively. The only way to make it through the world and be successful is productive endurance.

The world is never against anyone; it depends on how you accept every thought that pops up in your mind. So, when you feel weary, here are some nuggets to keep you going:

Know that this too shall pass. Whatever that has a beginning will surely have an ending. It includes the bad times and dark phases. It is really not your entire world that is sinking; it is just a point in your life.

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You have more control than you think. Take the time to control your thoughts, how you react to things and how you ask people for help. You can always find a way to get out of whatever situation you are stuck in. There is always a way.

You will come out stronger. Tough times don’t last but tough people do. You have had situations you never thought you would come out of, but you did. It’s just a testing time to get you standing on your two feet.

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Something good will come out of it. You will either grow as a person or learn an important lesson. Don’t ever regret taking the step that led to the situation. Remember, after the hurricane comes the rainbow.

Books, songs, movies can be therapeutic. There is a book, song and movie for every problem you are facing as well as the ways to overcome it. You can find rest in reading books, listening to songs and seeing movies. Also, ask people to recommend them as well.

You need to forgive yourself and the world. When you think it is unfair, this could probably be because you expect good in return for what you have done. The world is a long ride full of highs and lows, so you have to accept the punches and roll with it joyfully.

It might be God’s way of blessing you and leading you to another direction or better still, taking away something that is not right for you. Some troubles are blessings in disguise anyway. Just believe the process and enjoy the moment.

Therefore, everything happens for a reason. There is always a light at the end of a tunnel. Always remember: when it seems the world has turned against you, God is always for you. So enjoy the process and know that, it is part of the journey to success.

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