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When a Lady Visits the ‘Ladies’

When a lady visits the ladies
When a lady visits the ladies

Ladies ought to take hygiene seriously and this includes personal hygiene, kitchen hygiene, bathroom and toilet hygiene.  In this piece, we will consider things a woman should consider with regard to using the restroom.

Avoid using public toilets

Avoid using public toilets. The chances of contracting an illness increase with using public toilets. If however, you must use one, do not sit on the toilet seat. Rather, stoop or bend just above the ceramic bowl.

Flush before and after use

Ensure you flush a toilet if it is dirty before you use it. Remember to flush after you have used it; leave the place cleaner and better than you met it.

Have hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a blessing for ladies. They clean your hands effectively like soap and water. Make sure you have one in your bag or car; you may just be in a situation where you will find it very useful.

Clean always

Ensure your home or resident toilets are washed and cleaned regularly, preferably daily. This helps to keep germs away.

Tissue papers

You should carry tissue paper in your bag. You never can tell when you would need it.

HOW to clean-up

After doing a major job, is it is better to clean from front to back. This means you clean starting from the direction of your vagina down and towards your anus. This helps to prevent particles of faeces from getting into your urethra i.e. the urinary duct and vagina. This will reduce your risk of getting an infection. Unlike if you clean from back to front i.e. from your anus towards the urethra and vagina.

Visit the doctor

In case of any vaginal infection or illness, visit a doctor or gynaecologist. Although common infections like candidiasis are not malignant, it is still better to visit a doctor particularly, if that is the first occurrence. This way, you can get the right diagnosis and avoid self-medication.

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