Okay, at some point in life this actually happens to some of the best of us—a man cheats on us. As a matter of fact, it has happened to me a few times: I’m in a relationship with this great guy and I find out that he is cheating on me, at first I’m confused then the question comes: what do I do?

So girl, if you are in this kind of situation where your man is cheating on you, learn from someone who has been there; here is what you should do:

Don’t waste time, confront him: Yes, at first you have to be sure that he is cheating on you so if you are not sure, do not accuse him, rather ask him. If he denies it, then tell him why you think he might be cheating and then give him an opportunity to explain himself. If you are sure, present him with evidence.

Talk it out: So, if he eventually owns up to his action that he is cheating; then talk to him about it. Try to find out why he has done what he did also talk to him about how his betrayal makes you feel and demand that he cuts off his relationship with the other girl.

Forgive him: If you can, try to forgive him and look for a way to make your relationship get better, but that is if he is truly remorseful and you both want the same thing.

Heal: While forgiving, take time to heal too, and don’t keep bringing up the past and try to shame him with his infidelity. Simply forgive him and yourself and move forward.

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Pack your bags and leave: If your partner isn’t remorseful, failed to cut off his relationship with the other girl or still cheats on you, my dear, pack your bags and leave. That kind of man doesn’t deserve you and you shouldn’t be with him either. So, go find yourself a man who loves you enough to respect you and remain loyal to you.

Cheers to your relationship!


Nifemi Adekunle.

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