There has been a never ending argument and controversy as to how insatiable our needs are as women, which is probably the reason for disagreements, arguments, physical combats and sometimes separation in relationships. Marriages that should have lasted forever are cut short and destroyed eternally because of trivial issues that should have been dealt with the moment they arose. There is no doubt that one major influence is third-party interference.

One of the contributing factors is the issue of gender inequality and inability to set standards as to who takes responsibility for cogent or important decisions as it pertains to individual families. Maybe we do not realize that there are no standard rules as to how every family should run their homes, whatever you and your partner agree on, is concrete enough to run with; without necessarily taking a cue from external sources.

Perhaps, we are forgetting that fulfilling corporate responsibilities and achieving results as a duo is dependent on agreement and commitment to standards which they have previously agreed on to guide them. Without this, no home would excel if there is no strict adherence, as well as checks and balances to monitor progress. Remember, there are two people involved here, with seemingly different backgrounds and perception to life, however, they must come to terms in order to enjoy their union.

I strongly believe most of the issues men and women grapple with can always be settled as soon as they arise.  So, here is a list compiled from a woman’s perspective;

  1. Do not hide anything from your wife, tell her everything and keep her abreast of the latest information.
  2. You are positioned as the head to give your wife the platform to express her God-given talent.
  3. Respect your wife’s space in your life and home, do not choke her.
  4. Once in a while, spend quality time with her, give her undiluted attention.
  5. Sneak her away for a weekend date.
  6. Do not discuss your wife’s weaknesses with your friends and family.
  7. Eat your wife’s food.
  8. Praise your wife publicly and privately, and in and out of season.
  9. Help your wife around the house, whether she is working or not or provide a support system.
  10. Pray for your wife always; your prayers are powerful.
  11. She is your help-meet, not your house help.
  12. Your wife should be aware of every decision you take; financial and otherwise.
  13. Trust your wife wholeheartedly.
  14. Do not cheat on your wife.
  15. Love your wife unconditionally, remember it is a commandment.
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And on behalf of our dear men, here are some of the things men want from their women:

  1. Respect your husband publicly and privately.
  2. Give him quality attention.
  3. Do not discuss his weaknesses with your family and friends.
  4. Pray for your husband without ceasing.
  5. Encourage your husband per time, per season.
  6. A faithful wife does not table her husband’s matter in the midst of her friends or family members.
  7. Do not place your children and career above your husband.
  8. Pamper your husband.
  9. Trust your husband wholeheartedly.
  10. Men are protective of their treasure; do not cheat on your husband.

Here’s to bliss all year round!

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