Some bedrooms seem to have it all –the room looks good, feels welcoming and has the relaxing vibe most people desire in their sleeping quarters. Happily, you don’t need to be a professional interior decorator or spend a bundle on furnishings to create that look in your own bedroom. For the most part, great bedrooms vary tremendously in terms of style, color and theme; yet are alike in that they all share the following eight characteristics.

Color Scheme

A great bedroom sticks to a color scheme. The palette might be limited to just a couple of colors, or embrace a range of hues, but the overall appearance of the room is tied together by the use of color. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with the decorator’s 60:30:10 rule of thumb – choose a dominant color for 60% of the space (walls, floors, large furnishings), a secondary shade for 30% of the room (bedding, curtains, small furnishings) and an accent color for the remaining 10% (sheets, throw pillows, artwork.)

Nice Bedding

Your bed is the star of your bedroom, so treat it as such and the whole space will look better. This doesn’t mean you have to break your budget for designer bedding, or spend half an hour fussing with throw pillows and shams each morning. It just means that faded bedding, stained sheets, pilled or cheap-looking comforters or anything uncomfortable has to go. Instead, make your bed with a grownup, attractive and soft-against-your-skin bedding set that complements your bedroom’s palette and theme.

Enough Light

A great bedroom is a well-lit bedroom, whether that light comes from natural sources  from properly balanced artificial lighting. At a minimum, you need a light fixture at your bedside and one on a diagonal across the room. Even better, have a third source of light on the ceiling or in another section of the room – this is a must if your bedroom is large.

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A bedroom can be beautifully furnished, yet still look lifeless and stark if it lacks personality. Although hard to pinpoint, most of us recognize decorating personality when we see it. It’s the little touches that turn a house into a home: heirlooms, favorite artwork, the use of color or design, a quirky combination of styles or any other decorating trick that says, “This room is MINE.”

House Plants

One or more living houseplants do wonders for a room. Not only do they help remove impurities from the air, they add a natural touch that’s hard to replicate with man-made décor. Set a plant in an attractive container on your dresser or nightstand, and your bedroom is that much closer to great.

Proper Scale

In decorating, scale refers to how well furnishings relate to their space in terms of size. In other words, a great small bedroom isn’t crowded with oversized furniture, and a great large bedroom has accordingly large pieces, not a tiny nightstand and dresser that leave most of the space unused.

Well-Kept Appearance

Like personality, this is a trait that’s hard to define, but known when it’s seen. A great bedroom is a well-tended bedroom – the bed is made, the room is clean, there is a general feeling that the space is cared for and appreciated.


No matter how nice your furniture, how beautiful your bedding, how glamourous your color scheme, if your bedroom is cluttered and unorganized, it’s never going to look great. While sometimes life brings messes, if your room is always out of control, a weekend spent cleaning and organizing is time well spent. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful or loved, put away items that belong elsewhere in the house and invest in a few organizing tools to make your closet more functional.

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