Hey lovies!. It’s Nifemi, and today’s post is about all different kinds of men, although there is one I’m really rooting for. Read on to find out!

You know there are different kinds of men really:

  • The man that calls you beautiful— makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, is very hilarious, even handsome except he has no values; doesn’t respect what you want, not to talk of what you need.
  • There is the one that takes care of you— feeds you, buys you goodies but never takes you home to mama.
  • There is another one that is all determined to rock your world, but is so dumb* (permit me to use the word). Doesn’t have a sense of direction for himself, not to talk of you.
  • Also, there is the rich, handsome and romantic guy, but arrogant and highly irresponsible.
  • In fact, the list goes on…

But there is this type of man too: He is an introvert, but would go out of his way to create a world of fun for you; he would literally do anything for you. He listens to you with empathy, respects you, spends his days trying to take care of you and make you happy. He also knows God— he is God fearing, and added to this, he just doesn’t want to take you home to mama, he alsowants to show you off to the world. Now, that kind of man is what I call—a good man!

My Kind of Truth:

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Beyond all the lovies, riches, beauty, fun and sweetness a man could have; my kind of truth would be for you to settle for ‘a good man’ if you don’t already have one.

For a good manwill give you: rest, peace, growth, love and a sense of self-worth amongst other things. Remember the saying: who you marry is the most important decision of your life. Marrying a good man is sure one part of making that gooddecision.

Yes, have fun all you like, meet the sassy ones, the happy ones, the fun ones, the handsome ones, but when it’s time to settle down, remember Nifemi says: MARRY THE GOOD MAN.

If you feel you haven’t gotten a good man in your hands, pray to God to help you with one, and hit me up in a mail for tips on how to get a good one (or maybe I will share some tips soon).

Also, if you have some challenges in your relationship and you need a good dose of advice, mail me at: nifemilovers@gmail.com or inbox me on Facebook

(Nifemi Adekunle).

I gat you!

To your fun, sweet, romantic life: I wish you success.

Till next time, be a sharp gurl!

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