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What do Men Find Attractive in Women?

Hey beautiful. It’s me again from Valour Digest. I’m very sure you are excited again having me come in to talk to you about men as well as sharing tips from a man’s point of view. Either way, today, we’ll be talking about the things men find attractive in women.

As a woman, you’ve probably heard that old saying about how men will always chase a girl no matter what. They might have even told you that we have no control over our urges and all we want is a pretty girl on our arms. Well, sorry to burst your bubble sweetheart, that’s not exactly true!

The same way girls can be a bit picky on their attraction is the same way guys are attracted to certain things. Do you want to find out what they are? I guess it is a yes! I’ll let you in on our biggest weaknesses in women.

  • We love it when women are confident enough to make the first move

I’m so excited about writing this part that I’m almost shaking in my chair. I’m not a female but, I have been part of a few female conversations. Strangely, I usually hear the ladies talk about their pride and how they will never meet the guy first. Some even think that going to a guy makes them cheap. No! Men want you to make the first move.

Now, don’t get it wrong. You don’t have to throw yourself at us in one crazy display of attraction. But, we still want you to be bold enough to make the first move. Few things compare to this in terms of attractiveness.

  • We find kind women pretty attractive
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Have you ever noticed that men sometimes crush on you just because you’re nice to them? You just want to be a good friend, but they’ll go ahead and misinterpret signals to “catch feelings.” Well, this is because men find kindness attractive. There is something about a woman with a nice smile and welcoming arms. It completely pulls down our guard.

  • We think it’s cute when women are interested in quirky stuff

Before going ahead, you should know that it is completely understandable if you are not interested in these things. But, this list won’t be complete without this particular point.

When a woman shows interest in things that other women are not interested in, it is usually a huge green flag for men. A few examples of those things include football, superhero movies and comics among others. You do not have to force yourself to like these things. But, if you are interested in a certain man, you can try checking out those quirky interests. If you happen to be interested in them too, he will definitely rate you higher than most women in his life.

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  • We love a good sense of humour!

This is the last, but it is definitely not the least. Men cannot resist a woman who can understand our jokes, laugh at them and, make us laugh at well. It is a complete heart-warmer.

Do you know what is better? When you can understand and play around with sarcasm. You do not have to be rude about it but, one or two remarks can really leave us thinking about you.

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Men are truly unique. Saying that there is one universal thing that all men find attractive in women would not be accurate. But, these points cover the most important of them.

As usual, your awesome female writer is dishing out a great content on Valour Digest as well. She’s educating men on what women find attractive in men. Head over there and go see if you agree with her by clicking here.

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