Understanding the process of weight loss is the first step to a successful weight loss program. Many weight losers have found themselves frustrated during their efforts to lose weight. Why? Well, because they try to lose weight without understanding how weight loss works. Here is a breakdown of what weight loss really entails.

What are Calories?

Our bodies need a certain number of calories (also known as energy) to function every day; these are calories you would burn even if you slept all through the day. It is also the calories your body uses to perform certain functions such as thinking, respiration and other functions science says occurs within our bodies.

Where do calories come from?

The food you eat contains calories at varying amounts. Now let’s your body will burn 1500 calories even if you slept all day. If you eat a total of 2500 calories what happens? Well your body will burn the 1500 calories needed and store the excess 1000 as fat. If for some reason, you eat only 1000 calories worth of food the next day your body will take what it needs to complete your daily calories from the fat stored in your body.

A regular practice of this would lead to loss of the excess calories stored as fat in your body and result in what is popularly known as weight loss. Now what if you ate 1000 calories and introduced more activity to your routine? Since your body burns calories for each physical movement, it means that your body will be tapping into your body fat store for two reasons; to make up for the deficit in calorie intake and to provide the energy for physical activity (also known as burning calories). This is the ultimate weight loss process.

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So if you’re thinking of losing weight, you should come up with a plan that cuts down your intake of calories and which also facilitates your use of calories; that way, you’d lose weight very fast.

Onuoha Adanma, idonsabi.com


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