Almond Biscuits

Chopped citron peel

¼ lb. sweet almonds

3 eggs

¼ lb. castor sugar

Grated peel of  lemon

Blanch and chop the almonds, add the sugar and lemon peel; and add the sugar and lemon peel and a little citron peel. Beat the yolks of eggs thoroughly, add the mixture and then add the well-beaten white of eggs. Mix all well together, put into paper cases and bake briskly.

Chocolate  Biscuits

½ lb. castor sugar

Whites of eggs

6 oz. blanched and chopped almonds

Icing sugar

3 oz. grated chocolate

Mix the sugar, almonds, chocolate and the whites of two eggs beaten stiffly to a froth. Beat all together and make into shapes on a buttered tin. Bake in a moderate oven, and when done cover with an icing made with white of egg and icing sugar.

Ginger Biscuits


¼ ground ginger

Castor sugar

3 eggs


Beat the yolks of eggs with castor sugar (equal in weight to the three whole eggs), until the mixture is thick; then beat in the stiffly whisked whites of the eggs. Add flour (equal to half the quantity of sugar used) and ginger; mix thoroughly and bake in a low-temperature oven.




Pounded mace

Pounded sugar



Dry the flour thoroughly and mix the sugar and mace with it. Make into a thick batter with cream; butter the wafer irons and let them be hot. Put a teaspoonful of the batter into them and bake carefully; roll off the iron with stick when cooked.



ALSO READ  Sandwich Recipe

1 lb. flour

10 oz. currants

4 oz. butter

½ teaspoonful yeast

2 oz. margarine

A little clove pepper and caraway seeds

2 tablespoonfuls sugar

Mix the flour and sugar and rub the butter and margarine well into the flour. Add the currants, caraway seeds and clove pepper. Set the yeast to rise for ½ hour, then mix in to form a dough. Let the mixture stand till it rises, then makeup into buns and bake.

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