Arguments and disagreements are part and parcel of a healthy and normal relationship. Given how high-stress planning can be, it is no surprise that couples tend to butt heads in the weeks and months leading up to their big day.

Here are seven of the most common arguments couples have before walking down the aisle:

  1. Finances

Weddings are ungodly expensive, which is why flare-ups about finances often occur during the planning process. One minute you are bickering about the price tag on catering packages, and the next you are hounding each other about when you’ll each pay off your debt.

  1. Different guest lists

Conversations such “This is what your family’s guest list will cost, this is what my family’s guest list will cost. What can we do to limit the cost? Will your family chip in?” should be encouraged so to be clear. You might not want some friends at your wedding while he wants them around. Talk it through and come to an agreement.

  1. Choosing the venue

Whilst you may have an idea of your dream venue in mind, your partner may not. The place you dream of saying your vows and the place they dream of doing it may be totally different. Compromise is everything.

  1. Unresolved issues

“I’m still not over that thing we fought about years ago, and our wedding is weeks away” – is a popular confession when one is about to walk down the aisle.

Tensions over unresolved issues? an affair, for instance, or any other slip in judgment often come to a head prior to a wedding, even if it happened years ago. Responding to this challenge by reopening paths to open and honest communication can bring a new acceptance, resiliency and commitment to the relationship.

  1. Blame game

Your partner doesn’t seem to care about wedding planning at all – you could be expecting too much, but don’t give up on including your partner. Find out what they are interested in and encourage them to participate in that part. For example, if they don’t seem to care about table linens, ask them their opinion on the drink menu.

  1. Honeymoon Rows

The honeymoon is such an exciting holiday, and probably the most romantic you’ll ever have, but with choice comes arguments and plenty of them. You may even disagree on whether or not to go on a honeymoon at all! Consider a twin-centre where you get to appreciate two (or more) locations.

  1. Your partner wants a prenup

This could be a blessing in disguise. If you pay attention, the prenuptial agreement can be a big asset for you as it is for your partner. Naturally, the prenup brings up more than just finances for many couples. This is usually experienced as an emotional issue between the couple, often involving feelings of trust, commitment and faith in each other and the future of the marriage.

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Taking the big step from a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship to a husband-wife relationship would be daunting but the age-long advice of open and honest communication will go a long way in cushioning the transition. Anticipate points of tension and don’t shy away from handling them together.

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