Knowing the correct size of bra to wear is very important because it adds to your overall elegant look. You don’t want to go out with your breasts looking saggy. A well fitted bra will always enhance your beautiful outfits.

A perfectly fit bra must have the following features:


The straps must sit securely on the shoulders while you can adjust them as needed. Your bras should not be loose or sliding down your shoulders from time to time.


The breasts must sit comfortably in the cups with the underwire flat against the chest. The nipples should not be popping out of the cups or moving around at the slightest movement of the body.


The band must sit straight around the body. The band should neither be loose nor too tight but must be firm and secure around the body. It should fit such that there is no chance of its unhooking by itself.

Centre Gore

The centre gore must lie flat on chest. This means that the centre gore should touch the chest and lie flat on it not shooting out or away from the body.

If you don’t know your accurate bra size you can find out by yourself. You can measure yourself with a tape rule and enter the numbers into any bra size chart online.

Step 1

Determine band size

Wrap your measuring tape around your ribcage, directly and evenly under your bust; record the number.

Step 2

Determine cup size

Wrap measuring tape around your chest, so that the tape crosses over the fullest part of your bust.  Hold securely, not tightly, record that number also.

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Step 3

Find your fit


With the measurement numbers you have recorded refer to the chart below or any Bra Measurement Chart online.

The first part of the chart is for your underbust which is your band size, while the second part is for your overbust which tells your cupsize and is your cup size.

A well fitted bra will complement your outfit and boost your confidence.

It is also important that your pants fit well too. Like your bra, they should not be saggy or loose. They should stay firm and secure on your buttocks.





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