Ask any it girl their favorite wardrobe staple, and at least half will say a really good white T-shirt. Whether you prefer your go-to tee to be from Fruit of the Loom or Vince, this a tee you can wear effortlessly hundreds of ways. The versatility of a good white t-shirt can take you from season to season and outfit to outfit. Here are my 7 favorite ways to wear this endlessly chic and simple piece.

White Tee + Denim

Just like peanut butter and jelly, this classic combo will never get old. Whether you pair them with skinny jeans or vintage Levi’s, this look is sure to get compliments from all types of fashionistas.

White Tee + Leather

Leather can be tough to wear. Pairing bold leather jackets, pants, or skirts with a simple white t-shirt really downplay the look and give it a wearable feel. A white t-shirt breaks down the tough and bold fabric, giving the type of contrast fit for the runway.

White Tee + Summer Dress

Another 90s trend comes back to life. Adding a white shirt under skimpy summer dresses adds definition and allows your summer staples to follow you all year. I like to wear my shortest dresses with white t-shirts to avoid orthodox confusions.

White Tee + Funky Slacks

You know those polka dot slacks you bought from J. Crew last year and you have no idea how to wear? Add a white t-shirt. The board room will thank you for not adding a matching button down, trust us.

White Tee + Girly Mini

Thought that feather mini was only for clubbing? Think again. Your club wardrobe can be dusted off with a white t-shirt. Pairing a loud mini skirt with a white shirt and sneakers is a cool girl hack to Sunday brunch.

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White Tee + More White

White on white can be difficult to pull off. It can give you an outdated feel when done incorrectly. Wearing a white t-shirt alongside a white skirt or jeans really modernizes the outfit and gives it an edge.

White Tee + Blazer

Unsure if your client is in a stuffy suit or sweatpants? Wearing a blazer on top of a white t-shirt can give you a universal feeling. Just like a mullet, this look can party or business.


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