We have several special occasions we celebrate as adults but, what about kids? They look forward to celebrations more than us. It’s only birthdays that are special for them. Why not change that this year? With Children’s Day coming up, celebrate it by raising a toast to them. You don’t have to do something out of the world, which is why here are some fun and easy-on-the pocket ideas for Children’s Day.

Dine Out

 Go out for a cosy family dinner at your favourite restaurant in the city. It’s not very often that you may go out for meals considering how tiring the weekdays get and on weekends you prefer to laze around. Occasions like birthdays, celebrations and anniversaries are usual reasons to dine out. On Children’s Day, make it special for the kids by taking them to their favourite restaurant and letting them choose their favourite dishes.

A special card

This one is my favourite! I am going to do this for sure. For a change why not make a card for the kids. They always do one for the occasion. You don’t have to be artsy, just get together some sheets of paper and markers and write a simple message to your child.

Try public transport

 Take a bus, train, metro, monorail or boat ride. Let your little ones experience something new that they will enjoy. A fun bus, train or even the monorail or metro ride could be quite interesting. The Gateway of India has plenty of options for a boat ride. Make it special with some popcorn, fries and ice cream.

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Bookish Bond

Reading together can be so much fun. Head out to your favourite bookstore and settle in the calm of the written word. The local bookstore or library may be a good option. Pick out a book your kids will like and read it to them for a fun bonding session.

Board Games

Make it a board game evening. With iPads in almost every household, board games have lost their charm. Plan a fun evening where you can call friends over or get the family together and play different board games or just one which is everyone’s favourite.

Go outdoors

 Go bicycling, skating or swimming with your kids and spend time outdoors. Something that you and the kids can be a part of.

Sporty game sessions

Get together all the kids in and around your building and organise a games session. It can be a fun time with kids of different ages coming together to play the good old Dabba ice spice, Kho, Kabbadi or even a friendly football match. It will even give the kids a chance to get to know each other better.

Kiddie Movie

 Kids love watching fun movies or animated films, so get hold of a projector and watch a fun kid’s movie together. A movie marathon would be a great idea. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Music Concert

Go for a music concert in your city or jam with your kids. If your kids love music or play an instrument, then ask them to perform or you could even play their favourite piece for them.

Play with them

 When was the last time you took your kids to an outdoor place like the beach or the local park. Head to a beach or nearby garden and play some games with your kids without your mobile phone interrupting. Try not to carry the mobile phone, it can be really peaceful.

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