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Women are often fierce competitors with each other instead of team members.  Fewer women are truly doing the work of empowering other women.  Women are a force to reckon with when they work together. So, let’s look at how you can pull other women up.

  1. Be an inspiration.

Being a role model is the best way to have other women follow in your footsteps. Take the time to mentor those who need your experience and guidance in social and business matters. It is important to learn from experience and shared knowledge.

  • Defend other women.

Speak up for vulnerable women when they are being harassed or ill-treated both at work and where you live. Hold people who belittle women accountable. Help vulnerable women learn how to defend themselves by showing channels of redress, recommending a good business investment or even a martial arts class. A woman who can stand up for herself physically, financially and intellectually can take on daily challenges more confidently.

  • Do not discriminate.

Learn to accept women of different religions, sexual orientation, body type and fashion sense. Try to pull up those who are less fortunate by showing them what you think would be classy without appearing snobbish. Empower other women in developing their skill.

  • Compliment and encourage.

Receiving a compliment from a superior is a confidence booster and an affirmation that one is in the right direction. A more confident woman will feel empowered to take on more challenges in the knowledge that she will not be seen as weak or not good enough when she makes a mistake and also empower other women

  • Be happy for others.
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Do not be a kill joy. Everyone likes feeling appreciated.  Celebrating the small successes and milestones in other women’s lives is a way of making them feel more appreciated and confident that they have people to rely on. Congratulate other women on their achievements and they will be happy for your successes in the future.

  • Stay positive.

Positivity negates negative results. Positivity helps face challenges with a head held high. Staying positive is contagious and will make other women around you feel upbeat and confident too.

  • Do not be Judgmental

When you find other woman in a situation don’t be the first to cast the stone. Give them a listening ear, correct in love, and be constructive in your criticism.

  • Be open.

Women should empower other women by giving a listening ear and a kind word to a fellow woman going through challenges at work or at home. The moral or financial support is a powerful morale booster which will help the sufferer feel appreciated and give a sense of belonging. Let the words of our mouth be filled with grace and seasoned with salt. 

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