Purchase with a main purpose

Everyone is a spender; we spend money on food, cloths, rent, mortgage, school fees. etc. But a savvy spender knows what they are doing financially. They make their choices carefully. Are you thinking of how to curtail your expenses? Or maybe you just want to be a better saver and investor? Do you want to be a savvy spender?

My first tip to becoming a savvy spender is what I will call ‘Purchase with a main purpose’. Over the years, I have learnt to attach a purpose to every expense that I have to make. So, before I purchase an item/pay for a service, I always ask yourself this question. What is the main purpose?

Take for example, I need to buy a phone. So, I ask myself, what is my purpose in getting a phone.

  1. I want to make voice calls and have access to the internet.

Then I walk into a phone shop and I am faced with so many options, however my budget is N30,000 . I refuse to get tempted with all the lovely phones because I keep reminding myself, my main purpose in getting a phone.  I know people that take a loan to purchase really pricey phone, yet they have never used 1/8th of all the phone functions. I say it again and again, you do not need to impress anybody. Live within your means.

You can apply this principle to any area.

What is your main purpose in making your hair? To look pretty right? So, do you need to overspend and overshoot your budget just to get a human weave when there are so many other lovely weaves? NO!

What is your main purpose in wanting to purchase a car? To move from point A to point B? So, do you need to overspend and strain your finances so as to acquire a state of the art? NO!

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What is your main purpose in having a wedding? To be legally married to my spouse right? So, do you need to overspend and spend millions which you do not have on a wedding and still be in debt after your wedding? NO!

Got more tips for me? Feel free to share and stay tuned for Tip 2.



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