US Promises $600m Investment in Nigeria

The United States (US) Secretary of States, John Kerry has restated the commitment of the US to the growth of Nigeria.


He also emphasised that the U.S will invest nothing less than $600 million in Nigeria this year.


He made this known in Washington at the opening session of the US-Nigeria bi-national commission meeting.


Kerry maintained that Washington is encouraged by the commitment of President Muhammadu Buhari to the diversification of the Nigerian economy, adding that hence it would do its best in ensuring that the current administration succeeds.


He emphasized, ”˜We want Nigeria to succeed. And I don’t say that with any element of patronising or arrogance or any kind of view other than the fact that we know there are challenges.


”˜Nigeria is an extraordinary country. It has huge potential, a very rich culture. And it is finding very vibrant expression in every branch of the arts. And like the United States, it is a diverse country with a very large and assertive civil society; and like America, Nigeria is looked to for leadership in confronting some of the starkest challenges of our times.

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