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Understanding Your Child’s Personality


Why do children react differently? Despite being born by same mother, why do they possess different talents? Well, this is no other reason than their personality. Every potential child has its own personality.

Personalities are a set of qualities that make a person distinct from another. We tend to attribute certain traits to children; sometimes we say “s/he is a happy child, s/he is gentle or quiet”.

But these characteristics actually provide hints of what to expect. Children personality doesn’t immediately take form when they are months old.

Children exhibit different traits ranging from being shy, intense, exuberant and many more. Parenting an introvert requires some special skills and techniques compared to parenting an extrovert.

It is important for parents to note that temperament is not your child’s personality. Temperaments are innate that everyone has including babies.

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The Personality Traits


It describes someone who is always punctual for appointment, highly responsible (all children are responsible), and works with little or no supervision especially long term goals.


Someone who has a positive social interaction and, is pleasant to be around people. The person agrees, helps other and cooperates in group situations.

Openness to experience

This explains someone who is creative, flexible, curious and adventurous. Also, the person likes to have varieties everyday such as viewing arts and listening to new songs.


Such person experiences emotions such as anxiety, anger, guilt and depression regularly. They respond poorly to stress and interpret situations as threatening or hopelessly difficulty.

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However, children in this category should be monitored with care.


An extrovert is a person who is energised by being around other people. This is the opposite of introvert who is energised to be alone.

Last Words

Everyone is unique. Never compare your child with anyone. Support your children by celebrating their personalities.

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