1. In Jonathan, we have seen a gentleman, a graceful personality and a great leader; Leaders are known in times of crisis and how the manage situations, conceding defeat and extending a hand of cooperation to his opponent.
  2. In Buhari, we have seen Focus in the face of insults, abuses and provocation, and Consistency; not accepting defeat after three failures. A lesson on tenacity.
  3. In Orubebe, we have seen what a good man from a good home should not be, notwithstanding the pressure of the unfolding scenario.
  4. In Jega, we have seen a crisis manager per excellence, cool, calm, organized and detailed, refusing to allow organised distractions to truncate the dawn of a new day.
  5. In Christendom, we have seen overzealous Church leaders who became openly partisan and divisive, forgetting that congregations probably have a better spiritual leading and a right to choose different political leanings, notwithstanding their personal inclination and convictions.
  6. In Pastor Adeboye, we have seen how a spiritual father should exercise restrain in words and deeds, beyond his personal opinion, even when it involved a close associate, knowing fully well that followers are not robots to issue digital instructions by remote devices. We have also seen some Nigerian Christians who believed more in human prophets than CHRIST. How disappointed they are now…

Not that we are happy Jonathan lost the election; but if he had won, witches, wizards, guru maharaji, TB Joshua and other self-styled prophets that prophesied would win come what may, would have attributed to themselves the glory that belongs to God alone. I hope our out-going president and others like him will now learn to put their trust in GOD alone.

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  1. In the political arena, we have seen typical Nigerian politicians talking from two sides of the mouth: the likes of FFunnyK, Okupe, Asari and Fayose. God is a jealous God.
  2. To us Christians who think Buhari will turn everyone to muslims; God is alive and ruleth in the affairs of men. HE alone is in charge of Nigeria. This country is part of God’s end time plan. Buhari is not a messiah but a leader, only GOD cannot fail, He puts one up, and brings another down. Let’s continue to pray for the President-elect to succeed while thanking President Jonathan for making it happen.
  3. In Oba of Lagos, we have seen what palace decorum should not be, and how threats, intimidation, and manipulation have become helpless and impotent in an informed and digital world proudly supported by the social media. This is in total contrast to what the Awujale of Ijebuland told Mr. President. I am proud to be identified with the latter.
  4. To our northern muslim brethren a lesson to be learnt from President Jonathan’s conceding of defeat without heating up the polity and to know how to behave in a civilised society. If a northern son loses in a future election, he should be a statesman like Jonathan and should not start killing and maiming innocent civilians. Nigeria is not an animal kingdom.
  5. To families who ran out of the country, and those who relocated to the ancestral homes, we learn how not to allow fear and terror powered by the predictions of the enemies of this nation, to determine their course of action. Faith in God coupled with the power of prayer has us through. And finally…
  6. From Jagaban BAT, we can learn how vision and strategy can turn an insignificant political party into a mega party.
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Applying the principles of 48 Laws of Power, together with the wisdom of other men, coupled with lessons from the Kennedy family and the emerging Bush family, we see the emergence of a political maestro moving from the regional to the centre.


The Word says “learn from the fig tree…”

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