Tricks to Make Your Whites “Whiter”

Do you know that white clothes make you look fresh? Have you ever seen someone wearing a gleaming pair of white pants and you wish your clothes could be like that? Well, it is easy to admire white clothes on others but we find ourselves struggling to maintain the whiteness of our own whites. So today, I’d be stating some tricks you can apply to make your whites “whiter.”

#1 Learn to Separate your Colours

The biggest mistake you can make is not separating your whites from other colours. Other different coloured clothes can stain your whites. So, make sure you separate them before you wash.

#2 Avoid Using Too Much Detergent

According to Cobbs, the author of the book, Talking Dirty Laundry with the Queen of Clean, “Too much detergent and fabric softeners coats fabrics”. Therefore, it is advisable that you use little amounts of detergent to wash your white clothes.

#3 Dry Your Clothes in Low Heat

In case you’d be using a dryer, consider using a lower heat setting after washing your clothes. Then, while they are still a bit damp, take them out of the dryer.

#4 Use Bleach on Cotton

Here, you need to be careful of the bleach you use. For example, chlorine bleach can be very damaging to some fabrics. Bleach is extremely okay to use for towels, cotton socks and some other fabrics, but it is not advisable for poly blends.

#5 You Should Try Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is actually a natural bleaching agent, and it works perfectly on white clothes. Make sure you mix the lemon juice with hot water. Then, soak the whites for an hour or overnight before washing.

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#6 You Can Use Laundry Blue

If you are interested in the blue white look for your whites, you can choose this method. You can add the blue to the final rinsing of the clothes.

In case you’ve been wondering how to make your whites “whiter”, you can try these following these steps.

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